dermatologist examining senior woman's skinConsilium Management Group offers discounted tax preparation and tax planning services to employees of certain organizations and members of various associations.

  • USF medical residents and fellows receive $50 tax preparation while working in their respective programs.*
  • Medical residents and fellows of all other programs receive tax preparation service for only $100
  • Residents & Fellows all programs can participate in our Resident Advocate Program for only $250 the first year and $100 thereafter.*
  • Attending physicians receive first year tax preparation for only $100.*
  • Retirees and people 50 and over receive first year tax preparation for only $50.*
  • WellCare employees receive 25% off tax preparation and tax planning services.*

*All promotions are subject to pricing adjustments for certain tax circumstances which require reporting Schedules B,C, D or E and for married filing separately. Prices and promotions are subject to change and cancellation without notice.

*All promotion pricing is subject to change

INVEST Financial Corporation does not offer tax or legal advice..