Why Consilium?


1) Service and Services

  1. Integrated Financial Planning (Learn more)
  2. Tax Prepration (Forward looking)
  3. Tax Planning (Control/Lower taxes)
  4. Financial Planning (Bring everything together)
  5. Investment Management (Asset allocation/tax allocation)
  6. Insurance (Protection with a budget)
  7. Technology (Our Financial Planning platform is state of the art)
  8. Personal Service (No big corporate big wigs to deal with)

2) Qualifications and Expertise

  1. Certified Financial Planner™ (Only CFP® professionals have the education, training, and expertise to bring your entire financial picture together)
  2. Enrolled Agent (We are America’s Tax Experts)

3) Value

  1. Our clients benefit from saving on and controlling their taxes with our combined services.
  2. Our pricing is competitive and maybe less than the bigger firms.
  3. We can bundle our services together to save our clients money and help them keep more of what they earn.
  4. Discounts for employees of qualified employers and medical residents and fellows.